Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I've Learned In A Week

It's been one week since I went into labor with Miss Emery, and I wanted to post some more pictures. We've had a busy week getting back into the grove of things (life must go on for the other 3 kids!) and figuring out how Emery ticks. Here are a few things I've learned this week:

She is now nursing very well and will no longer take a bottle from me! For those who don't know, I never could get Caleb or Bekah to nurse at all, and I pumped with both of them for months on end. So to have a baby who actually prefers me to a bottle is really exciting! I'm sorry if that is TMI for some of you...

She is also doing really well with sleeping. The first couple of nights she woke up every 3-4 hours to eat, and now she seems to be shifting that. She is doing what's called "cluster feeding" where from about 8pm to 11pm she is eating constantly (she nursed for an hour and a half straight last night!) and then she sleeps until about 4 or 5 am. I hope she keeps that up, because it's been nice for my sleep, but who knows what she'll do tomorrow! She also likes to be swaddled. She doesn't particulary care for the act of swaddling her, but she likes the end result.

Emery loves to be worn. For those who are not familiar, that is referring to babywearing, where you carry the baby in a wrap, sling, or front carrier instead of in the car seat or putting them in something similar. Since we are such an active family with different things going on every day, I bought a Beco carrier ( and she seems to really love it. I put her in that when going to the grocery store, the gym, etc. instead of hauling out the heavy carseat, and she sleeps the whole time. I hope she continues to like the carrier, because it is so much easier, lighter, and more comfortable for me than the carseat. Those boogers are heavy, even with just a 5 pound baby in them! I don't have any pictures of her in her Beco yet, but I'll work on that in the next couple of days.

Emery's siblings adore her! Caleb and Devin were laying on my bed next to her the other day and fighting over who got to kiss her first. Caleb is also whining every time we get in the car because his carseat is too far away and he can't see Emery's face. Bekah wants to take care of her like another mommy, and is doing remarkably well with the fact that Mom has to pay attention to Emery right now.

While I still fully intend to use cloth diapers, all the extra-smalls that I bought are HUGE on her. I'm hoping that some of the teeny tiny ones will fit her better once her cord falls off, but for now we're just using disposables when we're out and trying out the cloth at home to see what will hold even though it's gaping at the legs :-)

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is enjoying the updates!


The Valdez Family said...

So cute!!!

Robin said...

She's beautiful!

Rachael and Chris said...

She's perfect, Amy. And don't worry about the diapers...a few of my friends have gone cloth and they've all said that it took a while for the babies to grow into them. :)