Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Month Old!!

I can't believe it, but Emery is a month old already. Seems like yesterday I was still feeling her kick in my belly...

She's definitely growing, and at last check about a week and a half ago she was 6 lbs, 9 oz (which ironically is the same size as Bekah when she was born....Emery got there at about 3 weeks old). Speaking of Bekah, I've mentioned to several people how much Emery looks like Bekah, so I thought I'd do a side-by-side comparison:

Anyone care to guess which one is which? I'll give you a minute to figure it out....

For the record, Bekah is on the top in each set and Emery is on the bottom. Pretty close match, huh? I tried this out on several friends and family members and 4/4 people got the first one wrong, and 3/4 got the second one wrong. I know the difference because of the red bow on Bekah, and because Emery was much more pale than Bekah at birth. Now they are very similar in complexion.

Emery has been very busy in the last month, and here are some of her activities:

Eye Infection (courtesy of Caleb, LOL)

Meeting my oldest friend Cameron (who I've known since I was 3, returning from her second tour in Iraq)

On the go, as always, in her carseat, which she tolerates for only short amounts of time...otherwise she prefers to be held, of course

Swimming (her "newborn" size swimsuit was just a little bit big)

Hanging out with Devin

Reading with Dad and Bekah

And, of course, lots of sleeping! She loves to be swaddled and held, but let's face it...sometimes Mommy just has to put her down (I have to pee sometimes!!). So, this is her alternative...tightly swaddled with the boppy pulled up tight around her and over her legs so she *thinks* she's still being held. This lasts for maybe a 1/2 hour if I'm lucky, then she realizes it's not mom and cries new attachment child.

Thanks for keeping up with our new bundle of joy! I promise I'll post about the other kids soon...