Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Emery is 2 Months Old!!

Yup, my sweet little baby is now 2 months old! I can't believe it has already been 2 months since she arrived in our lives. I fell so blessed and just can't believe how lucky we are to have her.

She had her checkup this morning, and she is 9 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches long. She's huge!! Okay, maybe not huge, but she is starting to get the cute little chunky legs and belly. I joked to the nurse that she is now the size of a slightly large newborn. Those stats put her in the 20% for weight and 10% for height. Yes, my kids are just little.

In case anyone is wondering, I still LOVE our cloth diapers. They are so easy to use (really, I promise) and they are so much softer on her skin than paper. I figure I've already saved several hundred dollars, and I know her skin is much happier. Here is a picture of her in a gdiaper...they are a hybrid between cloth and disposables, and are really easy to use.

Little miss Emery also surprised us the other night and rolled over! I couldn't believe it, but she was laying on our bed on her belly and pushed herself over onto her back. What can I say? My kids are just gifted :-)

She still doesn't really like her carseat unless it is in motion. And she REALLY hates traffic. The constant stop and go in the carseat just makes her scream. It is ear-piercing and there is not a lot I can do about it. Caleb sits next to her in the car, and likes to tell me what she needs: "Mommy she wants her pacifier. Okay, that didn't work...maybe she wants her bottle. Mom, she doesn't want her bottle. Mom, why is she still crying? Maybe she wants her pacifier again." It's never-ending.

Emery also still prefers to be worn. I bought a little pouch sling at Target the other day in desperation. I was trying to shop and had left my front carrier at home, and she was not enjoying sitting in the carseat. I was worried the employees might kick me out of the store if I didn't get her to stop screaming soon, so I put her in the pouch and she immediately stopped. It's really amazing how quickly she quiets down when I put her in a carrier on me. It's like a light switch.

We have figured out that Emery (so far) is a water baby. She loves to take showers with me, and even took a bath with Bekah a few days ago. The only part of the bath/shower that she doesn't like is the getting out part. Lucky for me, Daddy usually gets to be the bad guy and take her out :-)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

One Month Old!!

I can't believe it, but Emery is a month old already. Seems like yesterday I was still feeling her kick in my belly...

She's definitely growing, and at last check about a week and a half ago she was 6 lbs, 9 oz (which ironically is the same size as Bekah when she was born....Emery got there at about 3 weeks old). Speaking of Bekah, I've mentioned to several people how much Emery looks like Bekah, so I thought I'd do a side-by-side comparison:

Anyone care to guess which one is which? I'll give you a minute to figure it out....

For the record, Bekah is on the top in each set and Emery is on the bottom. Pretty close match, huh? I tried this out on several friends and family members and 4/4 people got the first one wrong, and 3/4 got the second one wrong. I know the difference because of the red bow on Bekah, and because Emery was much more pale than Bekah at birth. Now they are very similar in complexion.

Emery has been very busy in the last month, and here are some of her activities:

Eye Infection (courtesy of Caleb, LOL)

Meeting my oldest friend Cameron (who I've known since I was 3, returning from her second tour in Iraq)

On the go, as always, in her carseat, which she tolerates for only short amounts of time...otherwise she prefers to be held, of course

Swimming (her "newborn" size swimsuit was just a little bit big)

Hanging out with Devin

Reading with Dad and Bekah

And, of course, lots of sleeping! She loves to be swaddled and held, but let's face it...sometimes Mommy just has to put her down (I have to pee sometimes!!). So, this is her alternative...tightly swaddled with the boppy pulled up tight around her and over her legs so she *thinks* she's still being held. This lasts for maybe a 1/2 hour if I'm lucky, then she realizes it's not mom and cries new attachment child.

Thanks for keeping up with our new bundle of joy! I promise I'll post about the other kids soon...

Sunday, May 31, 2009

2 Weeks Old!

Emery is now 2 weeks old (I know I'm a few days late, but I was waiting to take her for her 2 week checku-up, to get my pictures uploaded, etc.) and is doing very well! She is now 6 lbs, 4 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. She is eating about every 3 hours and is sleeping between 4 and 6 hours straight most nights (what a blessing!!). Her siblings still adore her, although the newness is wearing off for the boys a little bit. They still want to hold her, and are willing to help out with her as needed, but they're no longer fighting over her constantly. Bekah is still fascinated by Emery and wants to be near her most of the time. She can't wait for Emery to be big enough to play with her!

Here are a few new pictures of our 2 week old little angel. Enjoy!!

Here she is in one of our cloth diapers...some of them actually fit her now! These are called G Diapers, and they are a combination of cloth and disposables. They have a cloth cover, a nylon snap-in liner, and then an insert that you can either flush or throw away. The inserts are chlorine-free and are much better for sensitive skin than regular disposables, not to mention being much better for the environment. Can you tell I love this system?? Let me know if anyone wants more information.

I told you she loved her carrier, and I promised a picture. Well, here she is sleeping soundly on my chest in her Beco carrier. She is so comfy and secure in there that she very rarely cries even after several hours in it! And notice her mouth? Yeah, she sleeps like her daddy and her siblings...mouth WIDE open. I was hoping I might get one kid who knew how to keep her mouth closed in her sleep, but no luck. Maybe the next one? ;-)

This is little miss in her carseat. Her carseat is adorable, and she does okay in it for a few minutes at a time, but that's about it. As long as the car is moving she usually stays content, but once the car stops (or if I try to take her out of the car while still in the seat) she wails. I hope she starts liking the carseat more, or it's going to be a long summer!

I think I mentioned that she is also not a huge fan of her swing yet. She is okay for a few minutes if she's swaddled in the swing, but otherwise she screams as soon as we put her in it. I caught her in a good moment here in her swing. She was awake and alert, full and happy...doesn't happen often, so I got the camera quickly!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

What I've Learned In A Week

It's been one week since I went into labor with Miss Emery, and I wanted to post some more pictures. We've had a busy week getting back into the grove of things (life must go on for the other 3 kids!) and figuring out how Emery ticks. Here are a few things I've learned this week:

She is now nursing very well and will no longer take a bottle from me! For those who don't know, I never could get Caleb or Bekah to nurse at all, and I pumped with both of them for months on end. So to have a baby who actually prefers me to a bottle is really exciting! I'm sorry if that is TMI for some of you...

She is also doing really well with sleeping. The first couple of nights she woke up every 3-4 hours to eat, and now she seems to be shifting that. She is doing what's called "cluster feeding" where from about 8pm to 11pm she is eating constantly (she nursed for an hour and a half straight last night!) and then she sleeps until about 4 or 5 am. I hope she keeps that up, because it's been nice for my sleep, but who knows what she'll do tomorrow! She also likes to be swaddled. She doesn't particulary care for the act of swaddling her, but she likes the end result.

Emery loves to be worn. For those who are not familiar, that is referring to babywearing, where you carry the baby in a wrap, sling, or front carrier instead of in the car seat or putting them in something similar. Since we are such an active family with different things going on every day, I bought a Beco carrier ( and she seems to really love it. I put her in that when going to the grocery store, the gym, etc. instead of hauling out the heavy carseat, and she sleeps the whole time. I hope she continues to like the carrier, because it is so much easier, lighter, and more comfortable for me than the carseat. Those boogers are heavy, even with just a 5 pound baby in them! I don't have any pictures of her in her Beco yet, but I'll work on that in the next couple of days.

Emery's siblings adore her! Caleb and Devin were laying on my bed next to her the other day and fighting over who got to kiss her first. Caleb is also whining every time we get in the car because his carseat is too far away and he can't see Emery's face. Bekah wants to take care of her like another mommy, and is doing remarkably well with the fact that Mom has to pay attention to Emery right now.

While I still fully intend to use cloth diapers, all the extra-smalls that I bought are HUGE on her. I'm hoping that some of the teeny tiny ones will fit her better once her cord falls off, but for now we're just using disposables when we're out and trying out the cloth at home to see what will hold even though it's gaping at the legs :-)

Thanks for reading, and I hope everyone is enjoying the updates!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Emery Christine is here!!

Well, I went into labor Wednesday evening after a very exciting neighborhood event involving the SWAT team (crazy, but another story for another time).

I started having contractions about 10:00, and went to take a shower thinking that it might be a couple of days before I got another one. By 11:30 they were 3 minutes apart and getting stronger. I wanted to labor at home as long as possible because I knew that since I was attempting a VBAC that as soon as we got to the hospital they were going to make me get in the bed and stay there. I felt so much better being able to move through the contractions, so we waited to leave until I felt like I had made some progress. We left for the hospital and got there at 12:55. At that point my contractions were 2 minutes apart and when the nurse checked me I was only 2 cm dilated. I was a little disappointed at that, but figured that I was just going to have a longer labor this time. Twenty minutes later I was 4 cm.

I was in tremendous pain with contractions on top of each other, and asked for an epidural. They called the guy, but he took a little while to get there. The nurse checked me again about 20 minutes later and I was at 8 cm. The anesthesiologist put in the epidural, and I layed back down. It didn't even take effect! The doctor broke my water and immediately Emery was crowning. They had sent my husband out of the room to do the epidural and the nurse had to call him on his cell phone to get back ASAP so he didn't miss her birth! It went so fast that they didn't let my mom and best friend into the room, which was annoying, but there were more than a dozen people in the room for her birth with all the doctors and nurses, so it probably would have been too crowded anyway.

Emery was out with 2 pushes. She was born at 1:58 am, just 1 hour and 3 minutes after arriving at the hospital. She was a little floppy and not breathing well at birth, so they didn't let me hold her before they took her away to help her. She was grunting and having nasal flares and chest retractions (all indicative of breathing problems) and she was pale and floppy. The weighed her (5 lbs, 11 oz) and measured her (18 1/2 inches) and then let me hold her briefly before taking her to the nursery.

A few grueling hours later I was able to go to the nursery to see her and then they brought her to my room. She's been fine since then, with only minor issues with holding her temperature. She's little and gets tired very easily so she's having a hard time with eating, but hopefully she'll get the hang of it once we go home.

I had some minor tearing from pushing before the last little bit of rim was gone, but I feel fine and am so much more comfortable than after my last one (c-section). The nurses have been laughing because every time they come in and ask how I'm doing I don't have any pain or complaints. The 1 hour labor was hard for that hour, but I'm really glad it was so quick and I didn't even have to think about another c-section!

Sorry this is so long, but thanks for reading!! Here are a few pictures of our new little blessing...

This one is just after birth. I'm amazed at how much she looked like Bekah right after birth!

Me and my angel.

Proud new daddy (for the 4th time!).

The proud new big sister!

Loving new big brother!

The older big brother, trying out the feeding thing.

Nana didn't get to see her born, but she was the first one to get to hold her when she got back from the nursery!

Pop with his new grandbaby.

Aunt Kristen getting her holding time in (it's payback from when Ryleigh was born and I wouldn't give her up!).

Grandma (Bryan's mom) holding her 9th grandchild!

Relaxing in our room (ignore the pacifier...sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do...)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Today's Doctors Appointment

I went to the doctor today for my 36 week checkup, and everything looks good. She's still head-down (has been since at least 20 weeks) and she's still a girl (yeah!). My cervix is still closed and high (TMI?) and the doctor thinks I will get to at least 37 weeks. I'm not sure if I'm happy about that or not, but I guess it's better for her to stay in as long as she needs to.

The problem is that Bekah and Caleb have recital rehearsal on Tuesday evening, and they both have their recitals next weekend. I'm really afraid that I'll go into labor and miss their recitals! Caleb's is Saturday night and Bekah's is Sunday afternoon, so if Emery is going to wait then I need her to wait until after about 5:00 next Sunday. That will put me at 37 1/2 weeks, and I'm just hoping she can hold out that long.

Also, since I can't be induced because of going for the VBAC, if she waits too long and gets too big then I end up with a c-section. Not that "big" has been an issue with any of our kids ;-)

Thanks for the support!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Site I Found!

As many of you know, I plan to cloth diaper this new baby. Most of you think I'm crazy, but I promise I have my reasons...
  • baby's skin health (Bekah had HORRIBLE rashes from disposables)
  • less trash and waste
  • they're really cute!!
Anyhow, I'm trying to do as much research as I can before Emery arrives, and I'm doing a lot of sitting, soooooo I found a neat website that I wanted to share with everyone. It's and it is a work-at-home-mom who runs it. I like to support WAHMs because I know from experience how difficult that can be. She's got some really neat baby and mom stuff on her site, and you don't have to be a nature freak to appreciate it!

Hope everyone has a great day!