Saturday, May 2, 2009

Roller Skating

We went to a birthday party last night for our great friends and neighbors, Zach and Justin. They had rented a local skating rink, and I was a little nervous about the idea of all of our kids on roller skates and me not being able to help them. Thankfully the rink let me walk around with Bekah in street shoes (I was NOT going to put on roller skates...) and within about 3 laps she was letting go of my hand and ready to do it on her own. Caleb held Bryan's hand and got the hang of it pretty quickly as well. Devin, of course, is an old pro at skating, and took off with his friends immediately. He did try to do a lot of showing off, so he came home with a giant bruise on his knee and a rather sore hiney, but he had a great time and didn't want to leave when it was over. Here are a few quick videos of the kids enjoying their roller skating night! (Sorry about all the videos lately, but my camera doesn't take great pictures with wierd lighting, so I've just been videoing everything.)

This is their first attempt without holding anyone's hand...lots of falling, but they're still smiling!

Caleb was mister independent and didn't want any help after the inital few laps.

Devin (in MY rollerblades, by the way...when did he get so big??) showing off and going fast!

This is one of my favorites...Devin and baby sister skating around holding hands...too sweet.

And Caleb joining in on the dancing.

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